Spider Engine in Beta

Spider Engine, is in beta testing!

It’s a WebGL game engine written in Typescript. It has an editor front-end that aims to be as accessible as possible, without sacrificing power and flexibility.


I enjoy creating worlds using software, but I find it difficult to commit to existing tools on the market. I think they’re either too tailored to video game production, or too abstract and difficult to use in making a real product.

Here are questions I ask about creation tools, in no particular order:

  • Does it have the features needed?
  • How much autonomy does it give to the creative team?
  • Are there frustrations and what can I do about them?
  • Does the editor feel fast and responsive?
  • Am I having fun doing this?

Spider Engine is an attempt to answer these questions.


It’s entirely web-based, no installers, no downloads. It is well positioned for online team collaboration, ease of sharing on social media, and cloud save.

It is developed on a WebGL / Typescript / React stack. A desktop version, powered by Electron, is coming soon, which will enable the development of larger and more resource intensive projects.

It is built with visual scripting in mind, from the very beginning. I think it’s great to visualize the execution and data flow of a program. In my opinion this is the best way to wrap one’s mind around the complexity of software.

The development iteration time is particularly short, because visual scripts can be implemented in Javascript. Given how quickly it gets compiled in the browser, adding new logic feels almost instantaneous. Also, it’s easy to control the complexity of scripts because you decide the scope of each block. Heck, you can make an entire game in a single block if you don’t like visual scripting.

Check out Spider Engine and let me know what you think!

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